July 1, 2024

SK Hynix’s Ambitious $74.6 Billion Investment in AI and Memory Chip Technologies

SK Hynix, South Korea’s second-largest chipmaker after Samsung, has unveiled a bold investment plan totaling $74.6 billion over the next three years. This substantial commitment is […]
July 1, 2024

Keith Gill Faces Securities Fraud Allegations: Legal Analysis and Potential Outcome

Keith Gill, famously known for his involvement in the 2021 GameStop short-squeeze, is currently embroiled in a class-action lawsuit filed on June 28 in the United […]
July 1, 2024

What is USDC Crypto? Understanding USD Coin

What is USDC Crypto? USD Coin, or simply USDC, is a digital stablecoin created by Centre and managed by Circle. It is a nonprofit group or […]
July 1, 2024

Hawaii Exempts Cryptocurrency Firms from Money Transmitter License Requirement

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry in Hawaii, firms are now officially exempt from the requirement to obtain a Money Transmitter License (MTL) to […]
July 1, 2024

Government Crypto Moves: Germany and U.S. Conduct Major Transfers Amid Regulatory Shifts

German Government BTC Transfers The governments of Germany and the United States (U.S.) have garnered significant attention recently due to their substantial transfers of cryptocurrency holdings. […]
July 1, 2024

Decline in NFT Sales Amidst Memecoin Surge and Market Downturn

The non-fungible token (NFT) market saw a significant downturn in Q2 2024, experiencing a 44% decrease in sales compared to the previous quarter, according to insights […]
July 1, 2024

Crypto Hack Losses See Sharp Decline in June

In a notable turn of events for the cryptocurrency world, June witnessed a significant decrease in losses from hacking incidents compared to the previous month. According […]
July 1, 2024

Charles Hoskinson Raises Alarm on AI Censorship: Calls for Decentralization

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Input Output Global and a key figure in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, recently expressed deep concerns about the implications of AI censorship. […]
July 1, 2024

CertiK Moves Cloud Infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud for Enhanced Blockchain Security

CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm, has completed the migration of its cloud infrastructure in Asia to Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. […]
July 1, 2024

Bitcoin’s Potential Rebound in July: Historical Trends and Market Insights

Bitcoin, after a lackluster performance in June with a nearly 7% decline, may be poised for a strong rebound in July, historically speaking. According to Coinglass […]

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