December 21, 2023

Crypto X fades Ethereum as BTC and SOL prices surge

The price of Ethereum is down against Bitcoin and Solana at levels not seen in years, prompting some critics to predict Ether’s “death” on social media. […]
December 21, 2023

Bitcoin isn’t dead: BTC obituaries fall to lowest level in a decade

Bitcoin may have finally stopped dying, at least in the eyes of mainstream media.   In 2023, mainstream media declared Bitcoin “dead” only seven times, marking […]
December 21, 2023

Bitcoin ETF issuers push 3 crypto ads in 48 hours

Three commercials for Bitcoin ETFs have appeared this week as the marketing war between competing asset managers heats up.   As Bitcoin (BTC) tickers show a […]
December 20, 2023

FUNToken’s Strategic Blueprint: Pioneering the Fusion of Blockchain and Gaming

FUNToken is unveiling its visionary plan where users can explore the detailed strategy for integrating blockchain, elevating gaming innovation, and fostering a decentralized community-led governance system. […]
December 20, 2023

Celebratory Announcement: FUNToken’s Launch on Bybit Exchange Expands Horizons

We are ecstatic to share a pivotal achievement in FUNToken’s journey. As of December 14th at 10:00 AM CET, FUN has been officially listed on Bybit, […]
December 20, 2023

US standards and tech group seeks public input on AI safety, development guidelines

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s request for information seeks input from AI companies and the public on generative AI risk management and reducing […]
December 20, 2023

Spot Bitcoin ETF could bring $30 trillion into the market: Grayscale CEO

Jan3 CEO Samson Mow predicted that Bitcoin price could go to $1 million, while BTC investor Anthony Pompliano said that the price won’t double overnight.   […]
December 20, 2023

Shiba Inu announces plans to launch ‘.shib’ domain for SHIB holders

While “.crypto” and “.eth” don’t work natively on the internet’s domain name system, Shiba Inu plans to launch a “.shib” domain that will.   The creators […]
December 20, 2023

Ripple gets approval to operate as digital asset service operator in Ireland

Other companies in the CBI VASP register include Coinbase and Gemini exchanges, the payment processor MoonPay, Zodia Custody and others.   The cryptocurrency payment network Ripple […]
December 20, 2023

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: Being anti-crypto is ‘really bad political strategy’

According to the entrepreneur, 38% of young people believe crypto can increase economic opportunities.   Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently shared his perspective on why adopting […]

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