How Can I Earn Bitcoins Fast?

We are currently living in an era where the new financial sensation known as Bitcoin is creating a massive interest in the minds of people. Those who had either never heard of the coin earlier or who knew comparatively less about it are also getting curious to understand how the coin works, and what new technology lies behind this new currency.

The world’s oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is driven by the underlying ledger technology called Blockchain. The coin has emerged as one of the most modern investment assets in the world financial sector along with its new technology and has surprised a group of people who formerly believed that the coin would never have real-world value.

Accordingly, there arise various new incredible opportunities for making an extra buck with this cryptocurrency niche. If you want to try your luck with this new generation currency and get free Bitcoins fast, there are several different ways among which Bitcoin faucets hold the first position.

Bitcoin faucets are known as the traditional way to earn free Bitcoins every hour. Every Bitcoin faucet used to pay out a small portion of Bitcoin called Satoshis as a reward to the users. Such faucets would not make you rich but can earn you a significant number of Bitcoins quickly without purchasing them.


Earn Bitcoins Fast through

After getting to know about Bitcoin faucets, you need to understand which Bitcoin faucet is best suited for you to earn Bitcoins fast. As the number of Bitcoin users around the world is increasing every single day, multiple Bitcoin faucets claim to be the best with the hope to get new users.

But, is a genuine Bitcoin faucet that gives you free Bitcoins every hour without any investment. is a great example of a Bitcoin faucet that provides you interest on your balance and gives better reward points as well as free lottery tickets to the users.

Using you can win up to $200 every hour by just playing free spins or simple Hi-Lo games and redeem your earnings with normal charges. The detailed features of are listed below using which you can get free Bitcoins without spending a single penny.

Win a Lamborghini

It is the biggest giveaway on; you could win the most magnificent Lamborghini Huracan through the Golden Ticket Round 2 Contest. The only thing you should do is participate in the Golden Ticket contest. For that, you need to wager BTC on the HI-LO dice game, bet on your favorite events and collect Golden Tickets.

Then, a provably fair lottery draw will pick out the lucky winner who will take home the best of all prizes in a Lamborghini. However, Lamborghini is the favorite car in the crypto community and the world’s oldest Bitcoin faucet provides you the opportunity to try your luck with their Golden Ticket contest.

By introducing the contest to its 37 million+ active users,’s popularity grew very rapidly making it one of the industry’s leading premier Bitcoin gaming platforms.

Getting into the race in for a Lamborghini is very simple; you only need to complete a few actions on site which will earn you a Golden Ticket in return. Collect as many Golden Tickets as you can to get a higher chance of winning the Lambo. This is the longest-running contest on

Multiply Your Bitcoins has been paying its 37 million+ users 100% since 2013. The world’s oldest existing Bitcoin faucet allows you to win between 130 Satoshis and up to 0.13 BTC every hour. Try your luck by playing a simple dice game and you could win up to $200 in Bitcoins.

You can also multiply your Bitcoin holding by playing the Multiply BTC game in “Multiply BTC” gam can get you a lot of Bitcoins in just a short period. The process is relatively simple, the only thing you need to do is bet on Multiply BTC for every 1000 Satoshis.

After betting, you will get an increase to your freeroll, but you have to take into account the price of BTC on the market during the time of betting. Through this betting, you can multiply your Bitcoins up to 4,750 times.

Provably Fair Hi-Lo Game

The Provably Fair Hi-Lo game is one of the best casino games for new players across the world. Players could even win big Hi-Lo jackpot prizes up to 1 Bitcoin every time they play. The game is surprisingly addictive and players have lots of fun while playing it.

Hi-Lo is probably the simplest of all casino games around the world. You can maximize your Bitcoin earnings by playing a simple HI-LO game in This game is designed to be provably fair by using a combination of math and cryptography. It’s a perfect strategically designed game where players need to decide whether the next roll will be higher or lower.

If the player is correct than he wins, if not then he loses. It’s very simple in its presentation but highly addictive. The beginners in this game have the same chances as experienced players when it comes to winning.

Referral Contest also has the feature of a Referral Contest. Players or users can get their friends and family members to play the Hi-Lo dice game and have the chance to win $10,900 in prizes every month.

This referral contest begins on the first day of every month and ends on the last day of the month. To win the prize, players have to rank in the top 10 users by combined wagering volume of their referrals for the month. All the prizes would be converted to BTC and deposited directly into the user’s wallet.

After the contest ends, the winner will receive an email notifying that he has won a prize which will be credited directly to his account and can be withdrawn anytime.

So, join the referral program of and bring your friends as well as family members to You can rank in the top 10 by combined wagering volume of your referrals to win the contest and up to $10,900 in BTC every month.

Wagering Contest

Wagering involves betting on the outcome of an external event such as a sporting event or a political happening. This is a completely free contest and a player does not have to register for it. According to the bets made by players, the prize of $10,000 is distributed between the daily top 30 players. has daily, weekly and monthly special wagering contests. Prizes are given in BTC and daily prizes are paid within 24 hours. The player who wagers the most will win the largest part of the prize.

You only have to wager on the Hi-Lo dice game or bet on your favorite events like sports or political happenings at and take the Bitcoins home. If you rank in the top 10 users by wagering volume, you can win the contest along with up to $21,600 in BTC every month.

Earn Interest on Your Deposits

If you deposit Bitcoins in your wallet, they will give you a 4.08% annual interest on your balance, which will be compounded daily. provides you with such an additional advantage of using their wallet.

The wallet of is not just a wallet; it can earn you a significant number of Bitcoins as interest on your account balance every day. The only thing you should do is maintain a minimum balance of 30,000 Satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account.

The interest amount will be credited along with the compounded interest to your account daily. If you refer a friend or family member to, and they maintain the minimum required amount to earn interest, then you can also earn a 25% commission on the interest amount earned by your referrals.

Free Weekly Lottery

Play a free Bitcoin lottery and you can win up to $4,500 in BTC. You can sign up for and earn or buy lottery tickets online. If you want to be a part of the biggest Bitcoin lottery on the internet, then welcomes you to its whole new lottery land which is full of free BTC prizes and rewards.

Entering the weekly lottery is super easy, one or more lottery tickets will make you eligible to participate in it. You can get those lucky tickets in several ways, and once you do, the system automatically enters you into the draw.

You can win big prizes with the weekly lottery, and after winning the prize you will get free tickets every time you play the free Bitcoin game. You can even get some free tickets if someone referred by you plays the free Bitcoin game.

Generous Referral Program

Referrals programs generate a commission for the referrer of 50% of any free Bitcoin won through the faucet. The referrer will also get a 0.25% of any wager in the Multiply BTC Hi-Lo game along with 25% of the daily interest earned by referrals. offers an automatic option to share a percentage of referral commissions with the referral. Every new user can share 50% of all commission earnings to the referrer automatically!

After signing up for, you can also refer your friends to the site and get 50% of whatever they win in addition to getting free lottery tickets every time they play. This commission is absolutely free and you can instantly withdraw your Bitcoins anytime you want.


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