How Can I Earn Free Bitcoins?

The everyday rise of Bitcoin as the most recent investment asset is surprising to several people who were previously unaware of its power and assumed that this cryptocurrency niche would never get a real-world value. This world’s oldest cryptocurrency even generated an immeasurable interest from the people who had never heard anything about it before. After getting to know about Bitcoin, people are rushing towards the crypto universe and so, the number of Bitcoin users across the world is increasing every single day. However, right now there are phenomenal opportunities for making this blockchain-driven cryptocurrency online and free of cost.

Getting free Bitcoins is probably easier than one expects. There are primarily six major profitable ways to do so.


Online Bitcoin Betting

Online betting has taken up the whole cryptocurrency gambling industry. Earn and make your Bitcoins double by online betting in your favorite cryptocurrency Bitcoin as well as several other altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. People who bet on Bitcoin get benefitted from its unique features such as anonymity, immediate deposits and withdraws and so on. But there are chances of losing your hard-earned money if you do not check where you are putting your assets. So, it would be better suggested if you take a few minutes and use your analytical thinking skills to check the backgrounds of the Bitcoin betting sites you choose and then invest your funds only in those which you have found the most reliable ones.

Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are considered as the traditional way to earn free Bitcoin every hour. Every Bitcoin faucet used to pay out Satoshis (i.e. a small portion of Bitcoin) as rewards and daily bonuses to the users who load a page that is full of ads, roll a spin, play games on their websites and do betting. Such faucets would not make you rich but can earn you a significant number of Bitcoins without purchasing.

There are various Bitcoin faucets who claim themselves to be the best ones. But eventually, you will get to know that all of them are nothing but scams and not at all working for you. Below are some of the legit Bitcoin faucets that pay you well and are fun too.

    • It is a great example of a Bitcoin faucet who provides you interest on your balance and gives better reward points as well as free lottery tickets to the users. Using you can win up to $200 every hour by just playing free spins or simple Hi-Lo games.

    • Moon Bitcoin: Moon Bitcoin is a well-recognized Bitcoin faucet among the crypto enthusiasts with a committed user base and is considered as one of the best Bitcoin faucets by many of its users. It offers a range of cryptocurrencies along with daily login rewards.

    • Bit Fun: This Bitcoin faucet provides all its users with the opportunity to earn Bitcoins while having fun and playing. They have a huge collection of games such as Cut the Rope, King of Thieves, RPG and Puzzle games that are absolutely free to play!

    • Cointiply: Cointiply is also one of the best Bitcoin faucets in the market with the highest payout rates. They are trustworthy and do actual payouts directly into your wallet which you can withdraw anytime you want.


There are tons of Bitcoin casinos in the market for the Bitcoin gamblers worldwide where players get paid directly in Bitcoin after winning a game. There are even chances of winning more Bitcoins if the price of BTC goes up. Players would have a wide choice of cryptocurrency games which are super easy and fun to play at the same time. The fun fact is people use to win at least once even if they are not lucky. But to make the winning amount double, one must try the Hi-Lo option. After earning enough units of Bitcoin, players are qualified to withdraw those units and can transfer those Bitcoins directly to their bank account if they want.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games also use to provide awards to the players in very small amounts of Bitcoin as a prize. Bitcoin games work absolutely the way as the Bitcoin faucets work. People playing the games can get their Bitcoins multiplied up to four thousand times just by viewing some ads on the website. So, it is considered a great way for business promoters for reaching out to people whom they think would be their future potential customers.

The most common benefit of such Bitcoin games is that they monetize your activities to know that you might dedicate your time to them every day for free. If you have the habit of playing online mobile games or if you try to find some online games that can pay you as a reward for winning a game, such Bitcoin games would be the best option for you. Even if the amount isn’t too much, not to mention that it is still good rather than playing the game for free of cost.


Microtasks are small and manageable freelance tasks that can be completed online in exchange for a tiny fee by anyone from anywhere. Businesses or companies usually provide Microtasks for market research or marketing objectives. Such microtasks include downloading some applications for testing, filling out online surveys, watching YouTube videos, answering some online questions, etc. The most common and easy of such microtasks is to visit a website. Users having time for doing such microtasks get compensated with cryptocurrencies. Microtask providers give all the rewards in micropayments to the users. Cryptocurrencies, being the most popular payment system for microtask, are accepted by all microtask providing platforms as paying in cryptocurrencies allows them to make low-cost as well as high-speed microtransactions.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs also known as Referral Programs are perhaps the easiest way to earn Bitcoins by just referring a friend to a service. People often choose to sign up through an affiliate link rather than directly signing up for a service. Through promoting several services, you can earn a significant number of Bitcoins just by sitting at home. All you should do is sign up for some Bitcoin exchanges or products and services that possess their own affiliate programs. By doing so you can earn your own affiliate link that you can use for promoting that particular product or service.

Final Thought

So, by now you are well aware of the fact that there are multiple ways by which you can earn profit from the world’s oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the list is essentially limitless. No matter if you want to hold it for the long run or want to make it double by just opting for the choices mentioned above. However, if you consider yourself as a Bitcoin enthusiast, there would be opportunities more than these for you in the market as digital currencies are getting more widespread use cases as financial instruments and everyday payment methods worldwide. The chances to be financially strong using these digital currencies will only continue to expand in the future.


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