How Do I Trade Bitcoins?

Believe it or not, Bitcoin has now become the most highly desirable virtual currency across the world. It is used as the proverbial king among all other cryptocurrencies, and it possesses the greatest capitalization in the coin market today.

The legendary price volatility of Bitcoin excites many investors and traders, and they eventually end up looking for different ways to trade this virtual gold. But because Bitcoin is such a brand-new asset class, even the experienced investors might not find the correct method to trade Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin trading is simpler and more straightforward than fiat currency trading. Accordingly, the tax consequences of Bitcoin trading might also be different from trading fiat currencies. And the regulators around the world are having a hard time enforcing legal and tax statuses for each virtual currency.

Currently, various Bitcoin faucets are providing users with several opportunities to maximize their Bitcoin count. These faucets are designed to encourage new investors and crypto enthusiasts to get their hands on the digital gold called Bitcoin.


Is Bitcoin Legal?

Bitcoins have different legal statuses in various countries across the globe. Hence, the newbies in the coin market should do adequate research about the status of Bitcoin in the country they are willing to trade. Having satisfactory knowledge about Bitcoin’s regulated status in the country can be the key when embarking the journey of trading the coin.

Bitcoin appeared as a new store of value in 2009 and developed as a stronger form of money over the years. Consequently, a suitable regulated status is also needed for this newly formed currency. There is no clear law or regulation regarding virtual currencies except in some particular states at the time of writing. is one of the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin faucets for earning Bitcoin. Users of can even earn Bitcoins for free without investing a single penny. The site is operating since 2013, and its services are getting popular among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

How Do I Multiply My Bitcoins Using Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets like can be used to get your Bitcoins multiplied instantly. The multiply BTC page is available in, and it helps the users get their coins doubled without spending anything. It is one of the most trusted and well-known Bitcoin faucets that offer multiple ways of increasing the users’ Bitcoin count either for free or through their simple games.

Apart from this, the Free BTC page available on the website of also can get you up to $200 every hour if you roll the free spin. Every free Bitcoin spin can earn you 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points, converting to Bitcoins later. By accumulating these reward points, you can also claim various prizes on the rewards page of

The moment a user plays the simple HI-LO dice game on the Multiply BTC page available at, or bet 1000 Satoshi, or wager 0.00001000 BTC, earns him/her one reward point. Hence, the user can multiply his/her Bitcoin count by 4,750 while also adding to the reward point total, which brings the user a step closer to redeeming the reward for an iPhone or a hardware Bitcoin wallet.

How Does Wagering Contest Work at is one of the best gambling sites for cryptocurrency users around the world. The site will make it possible for you to double your Bitcoin count. The wagering contest of enables all the users to earn up to $30,000 worth of Bitcoin.

The wagering contest is absolutely based on your wagering volume at You only need to follow the below steps to win the prize:

  • Deposit Bitcoins in your wallet
  • Start wagering on the Multiply BTC game or your favorite bets on the Betting page
  • Every single wager within the month adds to your total wagering volume
  • Go to the Contest page to see the Wagering Contest Leaderboard
  • Get closer to the other users or grab the top spot
  • Top 10 users will win a total of $30,000 in Bitcoins at the end of the month.


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