Multiply BTC at The Prime Dice Game on the Internet

As HI-LO dice games go, there isn’t a better or simpler option on the web than the Multiply BTC game. Founded in 2013 as a Bitcoin faucet, has since become the biggest Bitcoin casino in the world on the back of its prime dice game and provably fair algorithm. In a report recently published by SEMrush, was ranked as the third-largest internet gambling site, which is a testament to the sheer popularity of the game. So, would you like to multiply your Bitcoin? Here’s how to go about it:


Sign Up in Seconds provides a seamless signup experience for all new users visiting the website. All you have to do to start playing is to visit this link. You’ll be redirected to a page where you just have to enter your email address and hit “submit” and we’ll create a account and wallet for you in seconds.

Win Free BTC Up To $200 Every Hour

The moment you sign up, you’ll be taken to the Free BTC page, where you can win up to $200 in Bitcoin just by solving a simple captcha and hitting a button. The page refreshes after 60 minutes, so you can come back every hour to claim your coins: without limits, no strings attached, for life. These BTC rewards are deposited directly into your wallet and you can use this balance to wager on the Bitcoin dice game.

Here’s a bonus: you get 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points with every roll, which you can use to access some of the other great features at

Deposit Real Money in Your Wallet

Besides earning free BTC every hour, you can deposit bitcoins in your wallet as well. Hit the “DEPOSIT” button at the top of the page and you’ll be presented with your personal deposit address. You can transfer bitcoins you already own to this address. There is no minimum deposit amount, and all deposits will be credited to your account after 1 network confirmation.

You can use all the collective bitcoins in your wallet to wager on the HI-LO dice game. Let’s take a closer look at it now:

Multiply Your Bitcoins With This Prime Dice Game

Click on the Multiply BTC tab on your account dashboard. In this ultimate online gambling experience, you can multiply your bitcoins by 4,750x.

You have 2 options:


Manual Bet

All you have to do is set your betting amount, choose your betting odds, the win chances, and hit one of the BET HI or BET LO buttons. A provably fair algorithm rolls a random number and if it matches your prediction, you win according to your odds. Keep playing to maximize your earnings.


Auto Bet

This option helps you automate your betting. Choose your odds, the number of rolls you’d like to play, your stop-losses and profit limits, and other parameters according to your betting strategy, and hit the “START AUTO-BET” button. The game starts rolling and you can see your winnings getting updated with every roll. Start and stop at your discretion. You can also choose to play the jackpot: choose your preferred option and you’ll win the corresponding prize if you roll 8888.

Online Gambling at

The HI-LO dice game isn’t the only feature on offer at You can use your account balance to try your hand at Event Betting. We have a variety of bets ranging from Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Bitcoin Price, and more at

Click on the “Betting” tab on your dashboard and access the platform. Scroll through the list of bets on the platform. Bets are consistently updated and you can see the current prize pools with the summaries and event descriptions on the page.

Pick your favorite events and click on “BET NOW”. On the next page, use your knowledge to pick an outcome and place your wager on that outcome. Click on “BET” and you’re done! When the event ends, your winnings will be paid out according to the odds at the time of placing your wager and the result. If you’re confident in your knowledge of a particular event, this is probably the easiest way to multiply your Bitcoin balance.

Speedy Withdrawals

Playing at is a streamlined, user-friendly experience from the moment you sign up. Once players on the website have won enough to withdraw, the withdrawal process is even simpler.

Hit the “WITHDRAW” button that’s right beside the “DEPOSIT” button, and you’ll be presented with a dialog box that lets you withdraw bitcoins. You have 3 options: Auto Withdrawal, Slow Withdrawal, and Instant Withdrawal.


Auto Withdrawal

This allows you to set up an auto-withdrawal system where your balance is transferred to your wallet every Sunday automatically.


Slow Withdrawal

This allows you to transfer your balance to your wallet whenever you want and as much as you want (minimum withdrawal: 30000 satoshis). It takes 6-24 hours.


Instant Withdrawal

This allows you to transfer your balance to your wallet in 15 minutes. Just like slow withdrawals, you can transfer as much as you want, whenever you want with this method. The only difference, besides the time required, is that the transaction fees are significantly higher than those of auto and slow withdrawals.


6 years on since its launch in 2013,’s reputation speaks for itself. With over 36 million registered players and over $1.5 billion in Bitcoins disbursed, it is not only the oldest existing Bitcoin faucet on the internet but also the biggest Bitcoin casino in the world. owes its immense popularity largely to its provably fair algorithm, which, combined with an unrelenting focus on user-satisfaction, has successfully created a trustless ecosystem for online gamblers and players everywhere.


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