What Is Bitcoin Lottery?

A Bitcoin lottery works almost similar to the Powerball, or Mega Million lotteries do. In both cases, players purchase lottery tickets in the hope of hitting the jackpot. However, the only difference between the scenarios is that players of Bitcoin lottery can choose to have their winning amount paid out in Bitcoins instead of cash.

The Bitcoin lottery offered by FreeBitco.in is regarded as the biggest Bitcoin lottery in the world. To participate, users of the platform need to play the free Bitcoin game and grab the lottery tickets. The Bitcoin lottery offered by FreeBitco.in is provably fair. This means that there is no chance that the site can ever cheat you by picking a lottery winner they favor. All the winners of the Bitcoin lottery are picked randomly by the site’s provably fair algorithm.


How to Play Bitcoin Lottery Online?

Online lottery players who desire to win $7500 in Bitcoin can easily enter the Bitcoin lottery provided by FreeBitco.in. They will need one or more lottery tickets that can make them eligible to participate in the contest. The players can get those tickets by following five simple steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit FreeBitco.in site

The desired players should first visit the platform by entering the URL in their browser if they do not have an account in FreeBitco.in, then they can easily sign-up by hitting the sign-up button available at the top of the homepage.

Step 2: Create an account

After hitting the sign-up button, a pop-up window will appear where players need to enter their e-mail IDs and 2FA code, along with a strong password to get started with the free BTC game. Once done with the sign-up process, they will be eligible to play the free BTC game.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

FreeBitco.in site is safe for playing the Bitcoin lottery game with some added layers of security. Players will need to deposit some funds into their accounts to buy the Bitcoin lottery tickets and participate in the contest.

Step 4: Buy the Bitcoin lottery tickets

As soon as players fund their accounts, they can proceed to the next step and buy some Bitcoin lottery tickets. The more tickets they purchase within the week, the more chances they will win the game.

Step 5: Withdraw the winning amount

FreeBitco.in automatically creates a Bitcoin wallet for its users at the time of signing up for the platform. If a player wins a Bitcoin lottery game, he/she can withdraw the winning amount from the account at any given time. There are three options to withdraw funds from FreeBitco.in accounts, such as auto, slow, and instant.

Is Bitcoin Lotto Fair?

The Bitcoin lottery provided by freeBitcco.in is provably fair, and winners are picked randomly using the system. The site offers a server seed when a lottery round starts. If the operators try to change the server seed at any time, it will not match the previous hash.

However, all the Bitcoin block hashes are unique, and nobody on the platform knows what it is, even the operators of the site do not see the hash of a future block until it has been mined. The website publishes the Bitcoin block numbers on Twitter, which provides a timestamp to check if the block hash that they use is indeed in the future.

How Much Can I Win When Playing Bitcoin Lottery?

If you feel somewhat nervous about whether you will win a Bitcoin lottery or not, you should stop that feeling. As FreeBitco.in promises you to provide up to $7500 in Bitcoins, you might also get that chance of funding your Bitcoin wallet with some extra earnings.

To get a better chance of winning the lottery, you should accumulate the highest number of Bitcoin lottery tickets possible for you.

What Are the Pros And Cons of Bitcoin Lotteries?

Like everything on earth, Bitcoin lotteries also have their list of advantages and disadvantages in place. Online gamblers, who want to join the community of Bitcoin lottery players, should consider all of the below-mentioned pros and cons before they start investing their hard-earned money on it:


  • Bitcoin lottery players have the chances of winning big prizes
  • Players do not need a higher amount to enter the game
  • Even the inexperienced players can play the game
  • Anyone can play the game from anywhere
  • Players can also play the lottery using their mobile phones
  • The platform is completely transparent and provides fair results


  • There are chances of losing your money in this game
  • Most of these Bitcoin lottery providers are unregulated, so beware and choose only the genuine ones.


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